The offices of Bartók Records are a private facility for the preparation of corrected editions of Béla Bartók’s compositions, based on his manuscripts or copies of them, as well as the publication of books and sheet music. For more information see “Corrected Editions”. Some corrected, as well as new scores, are available online. Many Long Playing vinyl phonograph records, produced in the years 1949 through 1969, are still available (pressed from more recent masters); they are music by Béla Bartók and other composers. Some of these recordings are also available on Compact Discs. Béla Bartók’s studies of Hungarian and Turkish folk music, the facsimile edition of his last composition manuscript, Viola Concerto, are among “Books”. See: “Products”. Many of the items listed there are not available in retail outlets.

This office is not open to the public. To contact us by e-mail our address is bartok@atlantic.net

Members of Staff:

Laura Hennings
Deedra Harris
Peter Hennings
Peter Bartók