Béla Bartók: The Wooden Prince, 1932 Revision, Study Score


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BR600 800Béla Bartók: The Wooden Prince, 1932 Revision, Study Score

Béla Bartók’s dancing play The Wooden Prince has undergone modifications by the composer since it was first published in 1921. It was extensively revised by the composer in 1932. The revisions consisted mainly of cuts in the music, short sections, which amounted to repeats, eliminated. Thereby the work was to become more concise. The composer submitted the revision list to his publisher, Universal Edition, who did not print a revised edition. Meanwhile the composer marked his own copy of the score, revoking certain of the cuts, essentially restoring the corresponding places as they were before the revision. The revised version is now produced. It follows Béla Bartók’s instructions of 1932, but without the changes found marked “marad” (remains) in his own copy. The new score has been editorially treated so as to adjust the spots where a section was cut, and the remaining parts needed to be fit together.

The editorial work was done by Nelson O. Dellamaggiore, the new score has illustrations of stage sets and costume designs by Gustave Oláh with Tivadar Márk of the Budapest Opera House for performances in 1952.

333 pages, hard cover.

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