BR500 800Peter Bartók: My Father

The younger son’s account of the composer, Béla Bartók, as a family man whose profession happened to be to write music. The origin of details of several works are described. The appendix contains the surviving letters written by the father to the son, including those that can be viewed as a chronological account of the last one and a half years of his life. 24 x 18 cm., 331 pages; includes 78 b/w and 2 color photographs, 3 drawings and 14 music examples.

(ISBN: 0-9641961-2-3) BR 500

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BR501 800Béla Bartók: Turkish Folk Music from Asia Minor

A report by Bartók, the collector, on folk music found in a small area of Southern Turkey, in the vicinity of Adana in the course of a tour barely two weeks long in 1936. Includes 121 pages of music notation, complete texts of the songs with English translations, analytical essay by Bartók, eight b/w photographs, 24 x 16 cm., total 270 (195 numbered) pages. This is the second edition of the book, revised according to the manuscript. Editorial alterations and additions in the first edition are now eliminated, the song texts are now type set. Explanatory notes by Peter Bartók are added.

(ISBN: 0-9641961-4-X) BR 501

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BR502 800Béla Bartók: The Hungarian Folk Song

A corrected, third English language edition of Bartók’s study originally published in Hungarian in 1924. The first English language edition (1931) contained many errors the publisher did not correct; these were carried over into a second English edition (1981). In the present edition all errors noted by the author are corrected, as well as other errors discovered in the course of its preparation. 24 x 18 cm., 300 pages.

(ISBN: 0-9641961-5-8) BR 502

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BR503 800Béla Bartók–Menyhért Lengyel: The Miraculous Mandarin

A description and history of Bartók’s controversial music with pantomime, incorporating a story by Menyhért Lengyel. Includes an essay by Ferenc Bónis and preface by Béla Bartók Jr. With 10 full page illustrations of scenes during actual performances, 12 pages of corresponding manuscript pages in facsimile and 11 short quotes from the music within the essay. 27 x 19 cm., 80 pages, in light weight box. With an essay by Ferenc Bónis.

(ISBN: 0-9641961-3-1) BR 503

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BR800 800Béla Bartók: Viola Concerto

A facsimile of the manuscript, reproduced in color; fair copy prepared by Nelson Dellamaggiore for easy legibility. Both illustrate the stage the work was in at the time the composer died. It can be seen what was originally written by Bartók and what was changed or added subsequently by orchestrators who prepared performable scores of the work. With analytical essay by László Somfai, explanations by Nelson O. Dellamaggiore, preface by Peter Bartók; all texts in English, Hungarian, German, Japanese and Spanish. 40 x 31 cm., 84 pages, hard cover.

 (ISBN: 0-9641961-0-7) BR 800

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BR801 800Béla Bartók: Liebeslieder

(Love Songs)

A work from the composer’s youth, of 19 years, written as a present to a young lady. The composer did not regard this work as suitable for general publication and is presented here for academic purposes only, without the right of performance. Facsimile of the manuscript, with an introductory essay by Ferenc Bónis. Song texts in German, with literal English translation. 30 pages, 29 x 22 cm., soft cover.

(ISMN: M-9012001-2-8) BR 801

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BR504 800Andor Foldes: Seventy Years on Music’s Magic Carpet

The former child prodigy tells us about his busy and productive life. Andor Foldes’ extensive career as a pianist and conductor took him to every continent of the world, brought him in contact with many interesting people, and in these recollections those experiences are delightfully related by the artist. 24 x 18 cm., 237 pages, includes 58 (mostly B/W) illustrations, hard cover.

(ISBN: 0-9641961-6-6) BR 504

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