Sheet Music

Sheet Music

BR700 800Bartók: Cadenzas to W.A. Mozart’s Concerto for Two Pianos

in E-flat major, K. 365

Béla Bartók prepared these two cadenzas, for the first and third movements respectively, to be included in performances of the concerto by himself and his wife, Ditta Pásztory. The first, more difficult, cadenza is played by the first piano (played by the composer), the last by the second piano, each alone. The Bartók couple played the cadenzas only twice, in 1939 in Paris and 1940 in Budapest, the latter on the occasion of their farewell concert prior to their departure to the United States of America. The engraving copy was prepared by Nelson O. Dellamaggiore, with the collaboration of Leonid Hambro. Includes the engraved music as well as facsimile of the manuscript, an introduction by Ferenc Bónis and notes by Peter Bartók. 18 pages, 30 x 23 cm.

(ISBN: 0-9641961-1-5) BR 700

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BR701 800Bartók: The Husband’s Grief/A férj keserve

Song with piano accompaniment

Bartók’s last arrangement of a folk song for voice and piano, written in 1945. An adaptation of a Ukrainian folk song with a humorous text about a man whose wife can never completely agree with him. Suitable for tenor or mezzo soprano. Both song text and editorial notes are in Hungarian and English. 14 pages.

(ISMN: M-9012001-0-4) BR 701

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15 Hungarian Peasant Songs 800Bartók: Fifteen Hungarian Peasant Songs, for piano

Written in the years 1914–1917. A revised edition, prepared with reference to all extant manuscript and printed sources as well as editorial analysis. Includes the original folk songs for reference. 24 pages.

(ISMN: M-9012001-4-2) BR 702

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BR703 800Bartók: Allegro Barbaro, for piano

The composer’s spectacular short piano work written in 1911, nicknamed after a critic referred to the music as “barbaric”. A revised edition, prepared with reference to all extant manuscript and printed sources as well as editorial analysis. 12 pages.

(ISMN:M-9012001-1-1) BR 703

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BR704 800Bartók: Out of Doors

All the five pieces, which include the Music of the Night, with the singing of the Hungarian unka frogs in a brook, in a single volume, revised. Includes two different alternate versions of III. Musettes, prepared by the composer (perhaps as experiments). Preface in English, Hungarian and German; Notes in English only. 30 x 23 cm., 60 pages.

(ISMN:M-9012001-5-9) BR 704

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BR705 800Bartók: Ten Hungarian Songs

for voice and piano

Written in 1906, originally intended to be a second series to follow the first publication, Hungarian Folk Songs, in collaboration with Zoltán Kodály and later titled Twenty Hungarian Folk Songs, in the same year. The second series was not previously published, however; Béla Bartók subsequently determined that some of the items were not folk songs. Introduction in English, the song texts are in Hungarian with English translation only for reference. The facsimile of the manuscript is also included. 42 pages.

(ISMN:M-9012001-3-5) BR 705

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BR706 800Bartók: Petite Suite, for piano

The composer’s arrangement of six pieces from his series 44 Violin Duos. Corrected complete edition.

(ISMN:M-9012001-6-6) BR 706

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BR707 800Bartók: 23 Duos for Viola and Cello

23 pieces from Bartók’s 44 Violin Duos, arranged for viola and cello by Peter Bartók.

(ISMN: M-9012001-7-3) BR 707

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BR709 800Bartók: Five Songs Opus 16

Endre Ady (1877-1919) was one of the 20th century Hungary’s most influential poets, In 1916 Bartók set the five Ady poems that comprise Opus 16 to music.

(ISMN: 979-0-80006-06-7) BR 709

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BR610 800Bartók: Bluebeard’s Castle, study score

Opera in one act to the libretto of Béla Balázs (1911). With the original Hungarian text and English translation by Peter Bartók. Corrected in accordance with all available manuscript and other sources. The contrabass part is amended according to the composer’s first sketch, which included notes below E. 28 x 21 cm., 232 pages, hard cover.

(ISMN: M-9012001-8-0) BR 610

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BR612 800Bartók: Bluebeard’s Castle, vocal-piano score

Corresponds to the above corrected score. 31 x 23 cm., 105 pages, hard cover.

(ISMN: M-9012001-9-7) BR 612

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BR708 800Bartók: Album of Early Piano Works

(14 Bagatelles, 7 Sketches, 2 Elegies, 2 Roumanian Dances) 

Prepared for new edition by the composer in 1945. Includes the composer’s modifications, editorial additions and corrections as noted, two photographs. All text in English, French, German, Hungarian, and Japanese. 98 pages of music notation, 127 pages total, hard cover.

(ISMN: M-800006-03-6) BR 708

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BR605 800Bartók: The Wooden Prince, Concert Suite

Concert suite from the music to the dancing play The Wooden Prince, a fairy tale on the theme “only what is real can be appreciated”. In the full length libretto a princess finds out that a wooden imitation of a person has no soul. The concert suite was prepared in accordance with the composer’s directions specified in 1932, also incorporating the modifications in the score the composer prescribed in the same year. 28 x 21 cm., 180 pages, hard cover.

(ISMN: M-800006-02-9) BR 605

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BR600 800Béla Bartók: The Wooden Prince, 1932 Revision, Study Score

Béla Bartók’s dancing play The Wooden Prince has undergone modifications by the composer since it was first published in 1921. It was extensively revised by the composer in 1932. The revisions consisted mainly of cuts in the music, short sections, which amounted to repeats, eliminated. Thereby the work was to become more concise. The composer submitted the revision list to his publisher, Universal Edition, who did not print a revised edition. Meanwhile the composer marked his own copy of the score, revoking certain of the cuts, essentially restoring the corresponding places as they were before the revision. The revised version is now produced. It follows Béla Bartók’s instructions of 1932, but without the changes found marked “marad” (remains) in his own copy. The new score has been editorially treated so as to adjust the spots where a section was cut, and the remaining parts needed to be fit together.

The editorial work was done by Nelson O. Dellamaggiore, the new score has illustrations of stage sets and costume designs by Gustave Oláh with Tivadar Márk of the Budapest Opera House for performances in 1952. 333 pages, hard cover.

(ISMN: M 800006-00-5) BR 600

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BR602 800Béla Bartók: The Wooden Prince, 1932 Revision, Piano Reduction


Piano reduction of the above described orchestra score. Editorial work by Nelson O. Dellamaggiore and Peter Barók. 104 pages, hard cover.

(ISMN: M 800006-01-2) BR 602

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BR620 800Bartók: CANTATA PROFANA: The Nine Enchanted Stags / A kilenc csodaszarvas, study score

Based on two Roumanian Colinde (Christmas songs), the story of nine boys whose father gave them only an education to be hunters of stags. Nature intervened and turned the nine boys into stags themselves, who will never again live like humans but roam the wild forests drinking pure water from clear mountain springs. For tenor and baritone solos, double chorus and orchestra. This edition includes the composer’s Hungarian text, English translation by Robert Shaw, the original Roumanian texts. 2012 revised edition prepared by Nelson Dellamaggiore and Peter Bartók. Publishers: Boosey & Hawkes in the U.S.A., distributed by Hal Leonard; in the rest of the world Universal Edition, London and Vienna. The study score and vocal-piano version available also from Bartók Records & Publications, performance parts and conductor’s score available from the respective publishers on rental. Study score: 112 pp., 28.5 x 21 cm., hard cover.

(ISMN: M 800006-04-3) BR 620

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BR622 800Bartók: CANTATA PROFANA: The Nine Enchanted Stags / A kilenc csodaszarvas, vocal-piano reduction

Vocal-piano reduction of the above described full score. Editorial work by Nelson Dellamaggiore and Peter Hennings. 78 pp., 31 x 23 cm., hard cover.

(ISMN: M 800007-05-0) BR 622

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(Except as noted, sheet music items are 29 x 22 cm., soft cover)

All items may be sold through retail outlets; also available from Bartók Records & Publications.